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I just joined this community because i absolutely LOVE diego luna!!!!! i think he is so HOTT!!!!! i love the movie havana nights that hes in and i wanna see y tu mama tambien i think its called!!!! i heard it was good ;-) well heres a pic of this hottie...


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I saw yet another Diego movie. I saw Vampires:Los Muertos. It was pretty good i thought. You have to be into the whole vampire thing. I would not buy it on dvd but if you want to see it for Diego he is good in it. Thats about it. Nothing very exciting.


Hey guys. I saw Crinminal yesterday. Love it! I kinda got a little bored in the beginning but it pick up. I thought. I really loved the end. There's a big twist. You just have to see it. It is a really good movie. Diego of corse is a very good in it.